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Our company located in the heart of the Norman industrial basin has been developing strong experience and know-how for 80 years.

Bataille is an evolving and dynamic company on a human scale thanks to its family origins and its history, to the men and women who make up the company and contribute to its development, and to the economic role it plays on a daily basis within the region. Our performance and the satisfaction of our French and European clients have helped make Bataille a renowned company.

We have succeeded in establishing ourselves as one of the primary service providers in industrial maintenance, waste transport, industrial cleanup, flow management, packaging, pollution control, civil engineering, etc.

  • Industrial maintenance & unit shutdowns
  • Very high pressure work
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Industrial waste transport
  • Custom packaging and warehouse management
  • Cleanup
  • Civil engineering
  • Equipment rentals
  • Two ambitions continue to guide us day in and day out: to assist you in your activities in complete safety and to facilitate your production processes while complying with regulations.

    Bataille SA
    Bataille SA