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  Industrial maintenance & unit shutdowns
  Very high pressure work
  Industrial cleaning
  Industrial waste transport
  Custom packaging and warehouse management
  Civil engineering
  Equipment rentals


> Complete systems
We are driven by the same concern: to preserve and safeguard our environment. Ecological catastrophes, oil spills, uncontrolled gas releases on the coast… These are all events that must be confronted responsibly.

At Bataille, we have developed cleanup expertise. A team of specialized technicians leads these actions: installation of floating dams, confinement, hydrocarbon skimming, cleanup, evacuation of waste to approved centers.


- 200-bar hot water pumps,
- Motor-driven pumps,
- 1000-liter tanks,
- Trailers,
- Disposal kibbles,
- Impact hammers,
- Backhoe loaders/power shovels,
- Absorbent/dispersant,
- Sieves,
- Pollution containment dams,
- Surface skimmers,
- …